Services offered at Hogar PROPAM


Residence at the Hogar PROPAM


The services fo the Hogar PROPAM are aimed to:

Seniors who require support in performing their basic activities of daily life, modalities of permanent residence, Diurnal Center, a day or hourly care. We are an option for those families who need support in the care of their loved ones with special needs, be they for old age, dementing illnesses, loss of mobility by chronic conditions, degenerative or terminal illnesses. We specialize in the care of people with Alzheimer.


Hogar PROPAM offers an individual and exclusive service focused on elderly or poeple with some degree of dependency. One of the biggest advantages of living at the Hogar PROPAM is that the PROPAM Foundation has a program in which we train our own Professional Certificate Caregivers (CDC course), internalizing the learning process and ensuring that every caregiver in the Hogar PROPAM is chosen among the best of his promotion. Thus it ensures that each Professional Certificate Caregiver knows perfectly the protocols of Hogar PROPAM and that every employee has a vocation for the role of care.

Hogar PROPAM offers all amenities such as internet (WIFI), cable television, workshops and daily activities designed so that the Resident feels satisfied, active and happy.

We have a permanent service of meals at the Hogar PROPAM with varied menus specially adapted to the specific needs of every resident.

Diurnal Center and short stays:


The PROPAM Diurnal Center is also a recreational center where seniors can come to receive personalized attention during the day and enjoy recreational activities.


A care service for short stays (X days or X hours) aimed at families that are traveling or have setbacks is also offered. We adapt our modalities of service for your needs.

  • Recreation and Socialization.

  • Cognitive Stimulation.

  • Music Therapy

  • Dancing

  • Handicrafts

  • Movement Therapy

  • Among Others.

We offer:
  • Medicine

  • Geronthology

  • Nutricionist

  • Physiotherapy

  • Psychology

  • Occupational therapy