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Pro Personas Adultas Mayores, PROPAM Fundation


The Hogar PROPAM is a non-profit organization, which strives for the well-being of all people.
Since 2007 we have been dedicated to educating and generating opportunities for development in the population to promote well-being and quality of life in the aging process.

Fundación PROPAM was born out of admiration and respect for the elderly. Our mission is to promote the development of learning activities that fosters well-being and improve the quality of life of people throughout their entire aging process. We encourage everyone to live in the last stage of their lives joyful and empowered.


Pro bono work:

  1. Training workshops for caretakers for the elderly and physically disabled individuals. (Costa Rican National School of Certified Caretakers).

  2. Free training and scholarships for low-income caretakers.


  • In-Home visits performed by a professional nurse specialized in elderly and bedridden patients' care.

  • Community support groups and activities for women's entrepreneurship.

  • Adult literacy project.

  • Recreational activities and training on the aging process, well-being, and quality of life improvements.

  • Support groups and tailored programs for people living in rural and impoverished communities.

  • Recreation activities and events for low-income people.