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Pro Personas Adultas Mayores, PROPAM Fundation

Since 2007 we are a non-profit organization dedicated to educate and create development opportunities in the population to promote the welfare and quality of life of people in their ageing process.


​The PROPAM Foundation, was born inspired by love and respect for the Elderly. We work with all age groups, with the mission of being an organization that provides education that encourages building quality of life in the ageing process. Our main goal is to guide people through this important stage of their lives so that they can feel empowered of their emotions, rights, thoughts, hobbies and aspirations.

  • Domiciliary care networks at the Community level:

  1. Training workshops for formal domiciliary caregivers for the elderly and people in a state of dependency. (Costa Rican National School of Certificated Caregivers)

  2. Training for caregivers and informal caregivers with low incomes.


  • Home visits and professional nursing care in support of the elderly and bedridden patients in general.

  • Community support groups and activities for women entrepreneurship

    • Women in plenitude - Mujeres en plenitud

    • My heart in my hands - Mi corazón en mis manos, for all age groups.


  • Adult literacy:

    • Project: 

      • Writing my story - Escribiendo mi historia.

  • Recreational activities and training on the ageing process subjects, wellness and quality of life.

  • Support groups consisting of older persons in rural and marginal urban communities.

  • Assistance project and communal recreation for low-income people.

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Appearence of María Goñi, president of the PROPAM Fundation and Eida Rojas a PROPAM care Supervisor in Con Sello de Oro TV show in channel 13.